Lapo Elkann: “Amadeus-Georgina curtain? It is normal for Inter to be behind Juventus ”

Lapo Elkann: "Siparietto Amadeus-Georgina? Normale che Inter sia dietro a Juventus"

Lapo Elkann and the joke between Amadeus and Georgina Rodriguez: "It is normal for Inter to be behind Juventus" (from Twitter)

ROME – Lapo Elkann king of social media thanks to the joke published on Twitter after the curtain on the Sanremo stage between Amadeus and Georgina Rodriguez . Amadeus had deluded Rodriguez with a Juventus shirt but then he turned around and had the Nerazzurri colors behind with a shirt number of Romelu Lukaku. Lapo's reply is ready: “Dear Amadeus, it is normal for Juventus to be FRONT and for Inter to be behind   # Sanremo2020 # festivalsanremo2020 ".

Lapo Elkann's joke about the curtain between Amadeus and Georgina has gone viral on social networks.

The joke of the number one of Italia Independent Group hit the mark as Juventus fans started to share it in a capillary way until it became viral on social networks. Every opportunity is good to rekindle the rivalry between Juventus and Inter, teams that are playing for the conquest of the Scudetto.

This was not the only curtain between Amadeus and Georgina Rodriguez, shortly thereafter, the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo took his revenge with the game of the pennant.

Apparently, it was Inter's pennant but once delivered to Amadeus, the sticker that covered it was removed and it turned out to be the Juventus pennant. So Amadeus took him to Cristiano Ronaldo who in exchange gave him a Juventus shirt.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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