Lance Armstrong: “The United States hates me while Italy killed Pantani”

TEXAS (UNITED STATES) – Lance Armstrong told his truths during " Lance ", a documentary broadcast by ESPN.

The former cyclist also spoke of Marco Pantani by comparing the situation experienced by the Italian cyclist with his.

Armstrong was banned for life from doping cycling in 2012.

Following this disqualification, he was deprived of the seven Tour de France that he had won during his career as a professional cyclist.

His declarations are reported by

“The Epo had arrived and I knew that with her I could win and get rich.

All I needed was a good doctor, Eddy Merckx introduced me to the best, Michele Ferrari.

When I started winning I didn't even have to dismiss the accusations: he is a survivor, journalists wrote, let alone if Lance takes drugs.

There are three things I regret bitterly.

I ruined the life of my masseuse, I raped Filippo Simeoni, who denounced my relationship with Dr. Ferrari.

And I planted my wife Kristin and the kids to flirt with the starlet on duty.

I closed the accounts with justice but I will remain an outcast.

Italy killed Pantani, Germany despises Ullrich and the Americans hate me.

For three like us there will be no redemption. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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