Kovacevic wounded in an ambush in Athens, shoot the legs in front of the house

Kovacevic ferito in un agguato ad Atene, spari alle gambe davanti casa

Kovacevic at the time of the militancy in Juventus

ROME – Darko Kovacevic was shot wounded outside his home in Athens, Greece. Transported immediately to the hospital, it would not be life threatening. As soon as he left the house, the former Serbian striker from Juventus and Lazio, now manager of Olympiacos, was injured in the leg by a man who was aboard a car. According to local media reports, the 46-year-old would have saved himself by throwing himself on the ground and avoiding a second assault by the man who got out of the car. The former footballer explained: "I saw a man get out of a car with his gun pointed. He came towards me, I instinctively bent to my right, he shot me and got back in the car and ran away. "

The car used by the attacker, a Smart, was found burned a few kilometers from Glyfada, a district south of Athens where Kovacevic lives. Until now, the motive for the ambush is unknown, although from the first assumptions of the Greek media it would seem another episode of violence linked to football in Greece. Investigations are still ongoing and homicide officers have blocked the area to gather additional information to provide a clearer picture of what happened. Source: SKY SPORT.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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