Kobe Bryant is dead, the VIDEO with the smoke and the rescue where the helicopter crashed

Kobe Bryant è morto, il VIDEO con il fumo e i soccorsi dove è precipitato l'elicottero

Freeze image from YouTube with smoke and rescue where the helicopter crashed with Kobe Bryant on board. The former Lakers champion died tragically at 41

LOS ANGELES (UNITED STATES) – Mourning for the NBA basketball world. Kobe Bryant, one of the strongest players of all time, died suddenly at age 41 following a helicopter crash. The aircraft crashed in Calabasas, near Los Angeles, California. There are no survivors. Kobe Bryant, the helicopter pilot and the other three passengers died. A few hours ago, there was a lot of talk about Kobe Bryant because LeBron James, the current Los Angeles Lakers star, had just broken his NBA points record.

Kobe, who is now the fourth scorer in NBA history, has complimented LeBron James on passing him. These compliments to LeBron James were his last public statements before he died tragically. LeBron James and Bryant were close friends, the former Cleveland champion had taken up the baton after Kobe's farewell to basketball played. James had arrived in Los Angeles to bring the Lakers back to their former glory, Kobe had always supported him.

Kobe Bryant is dead, the helicopter video of the rescue.

The American media are spreading this video, which we publish from YouTube, where you can see the smoke rising from Kobe Bryant's helicopter that has just crashed on the ground. In the same YouTube video, you can also see the helicopter with the rescue that is going on the spot.

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