Kinsey Sue, that’s who the girl who invaded the field during the Champions League final

Kinsey Sue, ecco chi è la ragazza che ha invaso il campo durante la finale di Champions League

Kinsey Sue, that's who the girl who invaded the field during the Champions League final (photo from Instagram)

MADRID – The Champions League grand final has not given many emotions and so the web people have crowned the moral winner of the final in Madrid. This is the girl in a bikini who invaded the field at 17 'of the first half. His name is Kinsey Sue, model for half a million followers on Instagram and girlfriend of the popular youtuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

This invasion of the field, which however was interrupted almost immediately by the security service of the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, the yield even more popular and earned her thousands of followers in a few minutes.

Kinsey Sue is famous on the web for its breathtaking photos where it leaves little to the imagination. But Sue is not only beautiful, it is also bold both in the photos and in the declarations. Not surprisingly, she too is the protagonist of many videos shot by her youtuber boyfriend.

Sue has not chosen a banal opportunity to show itself to the whole world, it has chosen the Champions League final between the two English queens, Liverpool and Tottenham. It was a long awaited challenge because both teams reached the final stage of the big-eared cup with two memorable comebacks in the semifinals.

Liverpool eliminated Barcelona against all odds. After the 0-3 in Barcelona, ​​the team coached by Jurgen Klopp seemed to be doomed and instead earned the final in Madrid with a memorable comeback within the friendly walls. Liverpool won 4-0 with two goals from Wijnaldum and Origi, the striker who came on in the final only in the current match.

Tottenham, on the other hand, after losing the first semi-final at home to Ajax, managed to win 3-2 in Amsterdam, having gone under for 0-1, thanks to a hat-trick of an extraordinary Lucas Moura. The Brazilian entered the field only at the end of the Madrid match.

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