Kenny Sansom, a former Arsenal legend, struggles for hospital life

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Former Arsenal legend Kenny Sansom is struggling between life and death in the hospital.

Sansom is not a coronavirus patient , he was rushed to hospital after beating his head after a fight with drunks.

The former Arsenal star, now 61, started having serious alcohol problems soon after the end of his football career .

At the time of the rescue, Kenny was unable to give the police directions for the investigation because he was in an evident confusional state.

The former Arsenal footballer was hospitalized at Royal Devon, Exeter hospital .

The family, which is located in the hospital following the former footballer, has published the following press note :

“Kenny is currently ill in the hospital.

It is well cared for and does not have COVID-19.

Kenny's family and close friends politely ask the media to respect his and their privacy, as well as that of the health workers who are treating Kenny. "

Kenny has suffered from serious health problems related to his alcohol addiction since he retired from football in the 90s.

To the problems with alcohol were added those related to the end of his marriage.

After the end of his marriage, Kenny was left without a home and for a short time he was forced to live as a homeless man.

During these dramatic days, the former Arsenal footballer has fallen into depression and has repeatedly thought of suicide.

In 2016, he revealed that he was "ready to die" while admitting a heartbreaking defeat in his battle against alcohol.

At the time he said:

"I want to kill myself.

I no longer have any reason to live.

I want to forget my life. I can no longer manage life. If I could finish it now, I would. "

Kenny, who once earned £ 1,200 a week, also admitted that he had borrowed money from friends.

His addiction to alcohol drained his bill.

In the worst period, the former Arsenal footballer remained with just £ 50 in his pocket.

After being paparazzi while sleeping on a park bench , his old teammates started supporting him.

In 2017, former Arsenal striker Niall Quinn paid his former teammate to attend a rehabilitation clinic in Ireland.

In March of this year, Kenny offered support for a project that provides shelter and companionship for young people and the homeless in Liverpool.

He said:

“Having a home is important, but you also need people who love you.

"I'm alone.

I'm not happy.

My phone doesn't ring.

People need people.

But if nobody is there, who are you talking to? "

Kenny has a great career behind him, has made 86 appearances for England and was the left-back most present until Ashley Cole in the early 2000s.

He made 394 appearances at Arsenal between 1980 and 1988 and also had experiences in Newcastle, QPR, Coventry, Everton and Watford (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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