Keita Balde pays board and lodging to 200 Senegalese laborers who are left homeless

Keita Balde , a former Lazio and Inter footballer who now plays in Monte Carlo, found a home for 200 Senegalese laborers who were left without a roof to sleep on.

“I volunteered to help them, since they had absolutely nothing and slept on cartoons – writes Keita on social media.

I'm not here to fight a moral, social, race or color war .

I sent the money needed to have a roof under which to sleep , eat and clean clothes. "

The former Lazio striker Keita Balde, born in Catalonia but of Senegalese origins (in fact he plays in the national team of the African country), announces on Instagram that he has won his personal battle against racism and prejudices.

And to have found a roof for the 200 Senegalese laborers who in Lerida, Spain, had been told no by various hotels that had not wanted to host them.

Although the former biancoceleste had offered to pay all the expenses.

Now, however, for 90 of these seasonal workers, says 25-year-old Keita Balde, a solution has been found.

The laborers have found a home, a story with a happy ending.

In recent days, after various structures had refused black workers, the player had vented via social media explaining that he was struggling "to provide a roof for those who do not have it.

We are in an unpleasant and ugly system, in which renting a house or something else causes problems for the color of the skin or for being from another country.

I will not give up and keep my promise no matter what it costs! I ask you for a little patience and strength ”.

“We offered to pay the accommodation in advance for 4 months – he explained – but most hostels, hotels and hotels have refused because of the origin of the people.

It is a clear case of racism. "

But now Keita Balde, currently in Monaco, has made it, and her compatriots will have a roof. (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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