Kean, the father speaks: “Inter? He always wanted to play with it. The Golden Ball will win “

Kean, parla il padre: "Inter? Ha sempre voluto giocarci. Vincerà il Pallone d'Oro"

Kean, the father speaks: "Inter? He always wanted to play with it. The Golden Ball will win ”(photo Ansa)

MILAN – Bjorou Jean Kean, father of the Juventus football player and of the Italian national team, lights up the market with statements made exclusively at "Inter is his home. He grew up with the Inter shirt and would like to go there. He will win the Golden Ball in 3-4 years ".

How could he go to Inter? He could be involved in an exchange with Mauro Icardi. The Nerazzurri want to sell the Argentine, Juventus is interested in Icardi, the exchange between these two players could materialize even though the bianconeri could include Kean in an exchange with Ajax to reach De Ligt.

The following are the statements made by the father of Moise Kean to

"I know my son's abilities. I think that to date he has given 50% of what his real potential is. As a father I have always said: I wait for the Golden Ball from him. And until he takes me home (laughs ed) … I'm sure he will win. It's growing, but it can do it in 3-4 years. Let's not forget that even 20 years old he plays for Juventus and has already made his debut, scoring two goals, in the national team. He was born for this and to make his family happy ”.

At home almost all his brothers support Milan. I and one of his brothers are instead Juventus. And he resisted: "No, I support Inter!" It all started when we were walking around the stalls and I told him to choose a shirt. He didn't doubt, choosing Martins' Nerazzurri right away. But the passion for football started in an even more particular way ”.

"It depends on your attorney dealing with these things. Having grown up with Oba Oba's jersey, however, Inter is his home: he chose it as a child, growing as a true Nerazzurri fan, surely he would like to go there. Then it depends on the offers that arrive. If Inter offer more than it takes now, it will go for me. When he played at Torino he always said to me: "After Taurus take me to Inter". I will advise him to go to Inter so he will be even closer to me, instead of going to the Netherlands! "(Source

The Kean article , speaks the father: "Inter? He always wanted to play with it. The Golden Ball will win ” seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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