Juventus without Cristiano Ronaldo, the Korean League asks for damages

Juventus senza Cristiano Ronaldo Lega Coreana chiede danni

Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after the goal scored at Tottenham during the Asian tour (photo Ansa)

TURIN – Juventus took to the field in South Korea without his champion Cristiano Ronaldo . The Korean League did not take it well, as did the 66,000 spectators present at the stadium, and has decided to ask Juventus for damages because, by contract, Cristiano Ronaldo would have had to play at least 45 minutes.

The company that organized the event, TheFasta, released an official note which is reported by Sport Mediaset on its website: “After seeing that Ronaldo had not entered the field even at the start of the second half, we asked Juventus to honor the contract . They replied that they knew the clause but the player was injured. Later they did not answer our calls. "

Juventus forced 3 to 3 by the Korean team. Cr7 did not take the field.

The Asian tour of Juventus closes with a draw, 3-3, against the K-League Team. The bianconeri of Sarri have remounted the South Korean selection after being disadvantaged by 3-1 in the match started with 55 minutes late due to the traffic in Seoul that blocked the Juventus bus.

After the Korean advantage of Osmar, Juventus drew with Muratore, suffering however at the end of the first half the new advantage of the Asians with goal of Cesinha, who celebrated imitating Ronaldo's exultation.
In the second half, third Korean goal with Taggart before goals from Matuidi and Pereira for the final 3-3.

"We have a lot of players at home and that's why we gave space to young people". Maurizio Sarri closes Juventus' tour in Asia with the 3-3 against Team K-League, selection of the South Korean championship. The team has been full of enthusiasm, but to see the real Juve it will still take time.

"Now for ten days we can train without matches and make a good preparation – notes the technician -. We played in a beautiful stadium with a large audience and perfect cloak ".

Cristiano Ronaldo, who remained on the bench, was not part of the match. "He was expected to play less, I talked to him and he was tired – explains Sarri -. So we decided to keep him at rest ”(sources Sport Mediaset and Ansa).

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