Juventus, Willian shot: Paratici blitz in London. Emerson Palmieri also likes it

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Willian in the photo Ansa

TURIN – The championship is stopped for the matches of the Nationals but for the Juventus manager Paratici there is no rest. The Juventus Chief Football Officer flew to London to work on the transfer market and deal with the situations of Willian , Emerson Palmieri, Paul Pogba and Mario Mandzukic. So basically Paratici will sit down at the negotiating table with two clubs, Chelsea and Manchester United.

The number one goal is Willian, star of the Brazilian national team who is expiring from contract. Juve has two plans to take it. The player can arrive either in January or in July. Juve can take it on a free transfer, as he already did with Ramsey and Rabiot, or he can force his hand to bring it to Turin already in January.

In this last case, he should take it at a bargain price because it is not worth spending a lot on a player who would reach zero a few months later. But taking it in January could be useful to start your apprenticeship with Sarri's schemes, and then have it 100% ready starting next season.

But with Chelsea, Juve also intends to hold a speech for Emerson Palmieri. The former Roma back can not be bought on a free transfer because he has just renewed with the London club, but can be taken through an exchange with Mandzukic, a player who is very popular with Chelsea. Lampard wants another level striker to alternate with Abraham.

The sale of Mandzukic is a Juventus priority but the Croatian could also be useful in the deal with Manchester United for Paul Pogba. Juventus wants Pogba and Pogba wants Juventus but the player is kept "prisoner" in Manchester by a very rich contract that will expire only in 2021. To take it, Juve will have to convince United with a single offer and with the insertion of a football player appreciated as Mandzukic. In short, there is so much to work but Paratici is in London for this very reason …

The Juventus article , Willian coup: Paratici blitz in London. Also Emerson Palmieri seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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