Juventus, will you be away at the end of the season? Allegri and Inzaghi on pole for the replacement

Juventus, Sarri via a fine stagione? Allegri e Inzaghi in pole per la sostituzione

Juventus, Simone Inzaghi and Massimiliano Allegri are in the running for the Juventus bench (photo Ansa)

TURIN – Maurizio Sarri's experience on the Juventus bench could last only one season. To deserve confirmation, the former Chelsea manager should not limit himself to winning the championship, he should also do great things in Europe. Basically it was taken for this. Allegri won in Italy but then failed to win the Champions League.

According to the Juventus officials, Sarri was the right coach because he would have given Juventus a game. But so far it has not succeeded. The team appears more vulnerable in defense and forward does not play well at all. For this reason, names are already being made for the post-Sarri period.

The Bianconeri's dream remains Guardiola but it is not easy to get there because the Spanish coach earns a pharaonic figure and demands a transfer market out of the reach of even a great club like Juventus. So the two most likely substitutes for Sarri would be Inzaghi and Allegri.

Juventus, Inzaghi and Allegri in the running for the after Sarri. The point.

The Lazio coach had also been in the sights of the Bianconeri in the past, he is a young coach and capable of developing good football, he could be the ideal profile for the post-Sarri period. Allegri would be Agnelli's great revenge. The Juventus president did not want his departure but in the end he took note of the will of its leaders. In the event of Sarri's bankruptcy, he could return to impose himself and bring him back to Turin.

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