Juventus, who will be the next coach? In history, the foreigner is the exception

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Juventus, who will be the next coach? In history, the foreigner is the exception

The Juventus bench has been free for a few days. The Era Allegri , eleven trophies in five years, ended with a peaceful divorce, and now it's time for choices at the Bianconeri. Who will be the next manager who will have to try to finally bring Juve to the roof of Europe? The names juxtaposed with the bianconeri are many: from the return of Conte to that of Deschamps; from Sarri to Simone Inzaghi; but also Zidane, Pochettino and Mourinho. More foreigners than Italians. Not from Juve.

If we take Juventus history, since 1923, the year in which the Agnelli family took over the reins of the club, there are thirteen foreign coaches who have led the Old Lady. The last, Didier Deschamps, did so in the purgatory season, that of the 2006-2007 B series. Before him was Zeman's uncle, Cestmir Vycpalek, in 1974, the last foreigner who sat on the Juventus bench. The numbers in the hand, in the last 50 years, have been the only two mentioned the exception.

Going to look at international successes, the foreign word is not part of the Bianconeri vocabulary. In fact, the ten successes – excluding the Intertoto Cup won in 1999 under the leadership of Ancelotti – bear the signature of Trapattoni (6), Zoff (1) and Lippi (3).

Days, maybe weeks, separate us from the choice of the new technician. Will it be the exception or normality? The history of Juventus does not lie.

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