Juventus-Udinese, Gotti: “The relationship with Sarri? We do not hear each other…”

Juventus-Udinese, Gotti: "Il rapporto con Sarri? Non ci sentiamo..."

Juventus-Udinese, Gotti in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Luca Gotti, opponent for a Sunday but friend and former collaborator of Sarri at Chelsea, expected to face the Juventus trident, "for the signals of this week and Maurizio Sarri's way of thinking", but Udinese, he points out, he didn't have the right approach to the match:

“What changes is not to capitalize on Juve, which we have allowed too quickly…. against a team that shares game ideas with increasing continuity, as we move forward ". Final joke about his relationship with Maurizio Sarri: "We don't feel often, our relationship is like this …".

“It is the first time that we have done well after the Champions League. For 60 'we were able to afford the trident, also considering the type of match we expected, after a little less … ". So Maurizio Sarri comments on the victory over Udinese, the team that for his game, he explains, gives the opportunity to dare in the form:

"Against teams that have qualities in the possession of the ball and that build from below, we can afford it when their intensity decreases, while with Udinese, which tries directly to serve the strikers, it can be an option from the first minute." The Juventus coach was less happy with the drop in the last 25 minutes of the game: “They made me angry, it was all their restart and our restart. We had to play better and manage as a team, instead we started by ripping off ”. (HANDLE).

The Juventus-Udinese article , Gotti: “The relationship with Sarri? We don't hear … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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