Juventus-Turin penalty, De Ligt’s hand clear: it could be seen even without var

Penalty in the first half final of Juventus- Turin. On the result of two to zero for the bianconeri, De Ligt has literally saved a shot from Simone Verdi. Referee Maresca watched the action at the var and awarded the penalty to the Bull.

The referee was saved by technology and his assistants because he hadn't noticed anything at normal speed. This is one of the many cases where it is the var that saves the face of the referees.

De Ligt's handball was clearly visible even with the naked eye and at normal speed. Thanks to this goal, Torino returned to the game after a first half in which they suffered the game of Juve far and wide.

In the first part of the game, she was one of the best Juventus of the season. Paulo Dybala unlocked the game with an absolute champion goal, with two opponents 'sent to the bar'.

The doubling of Juan Cuadrado was the result of a tight dribble on Lyanco and an impregnable diagonal. The Colombian was launched at the net by a Cristiano Ronaldo who did not shine in the first part of the game in the Turin derby.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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