Juventus transfer market, Pirlo: “Dybala remains, Higuain leaves”

Andrea Pirlo took stock of the Juventus transfer market at a press conference: "Dybala stays while Higuain leaves".

Andrea Pirlo did not do 'zero to zero' in his first press conference as Juventus coach. In fact, the new Juventus coach was clear on the transfer market.

Higuain leaves.

"I admire Higuain a lot, he made an important cycle but speaking we have decided that the roads must separate".

Andrea Pirlo, the new Juventus coach, confirmed at the press conference that the Argentine striker will no longer be part of the Juventus project and that he is destined to leave Turin.

Different speech for the German midfielder Khedira:

"He is injured, we'll see later".

Dybala remains.

At the press conference, the new Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo talks about Arthur and Dybala, important figures for the future of the team.

We start from the new purchase:

“Arthur is a good player, we have admired him in Barcelona and in the national team in recent years. It can fill multiple roles. He is a quality player and will come in handy during the season ”.

On Dybala it is even clearer:

“It has never been a problem and has never been on the market. It is you who write. For me it is important and as soon as he returns to be part of the project ”.

Pirlo then revealed how he plans to play the team:

“I like a rotational kick, players who are on the move and who want to win back the ball. This has to be a mental factor "that you have to work on every day" so that it can become natural during matches. The players know it, the model can change from game to game ”. (source AGI ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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