Juventus transfer market, McKennie: who is the total footballer who bewitched Pirlo

Juventus transfer market, McKennie should be Andrea Pirlo's first reinforcement. All about what is considered a total footballer.

Juventus transfer market, the first shot should be Weston James Earl McKennie . The conditional must be used because it is all done but the official character is still missing.

This is a surprise blow because this player has only been compared to Juventus in the last few hours but in reality Pirlo had placed him at the top of his transfer market list.

Pirlo was one of the strongest midfielders in the history of football and he knows about players who play in this department.

So let's see why McKennie bewitched him to the point of being Juventus' first reinforcement in this transfer window (Kulusevski had already been announced months ago).

McKennie was born in Texas 21 years ago. He trained in football in Dallas which is the strongest team in his state.

Americans have an approach to football that is very different from that of Europeans. When children start playing this sport, they are used in practically all areas of the field. And this is repeated until the end of the youth sector.

So McKennie when he was noticed by Schalke 04 was already able to play practically in all areas of the pitch (he was really used everywhere, except on goal).

In fact, even in Germany he played both in defense (as a full-back or central) and in midfield (classic central or defensive midfield) and in attack (playmaker / false nine).

In any case, his main role is that of the central midfielder. Obviously the former Schalke 04 footballer is one of the stars of the US national team. With the US he played 19 games scoring 6 goals (source MLS ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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