Juventus transfer market, Kurzawa-De Sciglio: exchange with PSG in the home country

Calciomercato Juventus, Kurzawa-De Sciglio: scambio con Psg in dirittura d'arrivo

Juventus transfer market, Kurzawa is about to arrive in Turin in exchange for De Sciglio (who will instead go to the PSG). Photo Ansa

TURIN – Juventus and PSG are perfecting the exchange transfer between Kurzawa and De Sciglio . Juventus Chief Football Officer Fabio Paratici admitted this to Sky Sport's microphones in the Napoli-Juventus pre-match. Here is his speech on Sky Sport's microphones.

Juventus transfer market, the exchange between Kurzawa and De Sciglio with the PSG is made.

Speaking of the market, the Kurzawa-De Sciglio exchange with the PSG is very close and Emre Can could also go away. Can you update us on this double situation?

Opportunities arise in the market, there is talk, especially between clubs of a certain level. This of De Sciglio-Kurzawa is a hypothesis carried out by the two clubs, with the knowledge of course of the two players and we will see in the coming days if it will be possible. As for Emre Can, he is an important Juventus player and therefore we are happy if he remains. If there is an opportunity that will make Juventus happy and make the player happy, we will see what to do.

Borussia Dortmund or Barcelona, ​​in case?

There are many teams interested in Emre Can, because he is one of the strongest midfielders in Europe, so it is normal that he has this type of lover. We will see in the next few days.

Since Bernardeschi is always included in the rumors of possible exchanges, with AC Milan for Paquetà or with Barcelona for Rakitic, do you guarantee that the player will remain at Juventus or are the chances of exchange still alive?

No, Juventus have a large and high quality squad, and therefore it is normal for our players to be hungry by other clubs. And this pleases us, but in this case there is no ongoing negotiations, neither with Barcelona nor with Milan, so let's move on with this squad.

The only one who can possibly leave is Emre Can, then?

We will see the hypothesis of exchange with the PSG and then, I don't think, but we will see what will happen with Emre Can.

If Emre Can were to leave, would he be replaced or would the squad still look like this?

No, we are happy like this, we hope that Emre Can remains, because he is an important player. If it comes out, it will not be replaced.

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