Juventus transfer market, Higuain-River Plate: that’s what’s missing

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Juventus and River Plate are working continuously to perfect Higuain's transfer from the bianconeri to the Buenos Aires club .

It is no coincidence that Higuain is the only player in the black and white squad who has not returned to Turin for training.

Since returning to Buenos Aires, to pass the family coronavirus quarantine , the Argentine has spoken several times with River officials to find an agreement.

The Juventus center forward met River President Rodolfo D 'Onofrio and ds Enzo Francescoli.

The big obstacle to this negotiation was the center forward's salary , which is linked to Juventus until June 2021 , but the River has found a way to honor him …

Part of Higuain's salary will be paid by the River, the rest will be paid by a sponsor .

It is much easier to find an economic agreement with Juventus that in the past has let Carlos Tevez return to Boca without any problem.

Juventus asked for cash abundantly within the reach of the River plus the tag of the young Julian Alvarez, striker born in 2000.

An operation practically identical to that which brought Carlos Tevez to Boca Juniors with more money than Rodrigo Bentancur to Juventus.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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