Juventus transfer market, Higuain like Matuidi: he signed for Beckham’s Inter Miami

Juventus transfer market, Higuain like Matuidi: he signed for David Beckham's Inter Miami.

Juventus transfer market, Higuain left the bianconeri after three years, 66 goals and five trophies (3 league titles and 2 Coppa Italia). The Argentine footballer joined his former teammate, Matuidi, at David Beckham's Inter Miami .

In US Major League Soccer, Higuain is expected to earn around $ 6 million per season. No one in Italy, or in Europe, would have guaranteed him such a salary.

For the Argentine, this is not the first experience in the American continent, in fact he began his career in South America, in Argentina, among the ranks of River Plate.

During the coronavirus quarantine, Higuain has long dealt with River Plate but in the end the Argentine club failed, even remotely, to approach its economic demands.

So, to play in America, Higuain had to accept David Beckham's Inter Miami offer.

The former star of Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United bought this Miami football club to take it to the top of Major League Soccer.

The choice is not accidental since Beckham has lived in the United States for several years. In fact, the former midfielder of the English national team ended his career in the ranks of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

From that moment on, he never left but for some time he moved from West to East to manage his new club in Florida, Inter in Miami (source La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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