Juventus transfer market, Higuain leaves Italy: this is where he could go

Juventus transfer market, Higuain has decided to leave Italy. He will continue his career abroad.

Higuain was discharged from Pirlo's Juventus in this transfer window. The Argentine striker should start from abroad.

At least this is what was declared by Nicolas Higuain, brother and agent of the now former Juventus striker.

According to the agent, Higuain could move to many other teams because he would be full of offers.

The Argentine striker would have placed only two conditions on his brother: no Italy and no Boca (historical rival of his favorite team, River Plate).

Here are the statements made by Higuain's brother to TuttoSport.

“We appreciated Pirlo's frankness. He told Gonzalo what he thought. It doesn't always happen and it was important.

We are still talking about a striker who has scored 350 goals in recent years. It takes ten years to make them, then unfortunately they quickly forget. We are football people and we know that these things can happen ”.

“From France, England, Spain, China and the USA. Many proposals, but none to make your legs shake. We will evaluate calmly, but two things are sure: Gonzalo will no longer play in Italy. And above all never at Boca Juniors. He grew up in the River and will never pass to rivals ”(source TuttoSport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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