Juventus transfer market, Dzeko has overtaken Suarez: that’s why

Calciomercato Juventus, after a long shot and quit, Dzeko would have overtaken Suarez: that's why.

Juventus transfer market , the Bianconeri's run to the bomber would be close to the finish line: Dzeko would have overtaken Suarez in a 'sprint'.

Juventus has opened various transfer market negotiations, among these the least complex would be that for the Bosnian.

Pirlo no longer has patience because the championship is upon us and he expects a center-forward to start teaching his football.

Dzeko would have jumped to pole thanks to the help of Juventus at Roma. In the sense that the Bianconeri would have given up on Milik, making the Pole understand that he had to go elsewhere (i.e. to Rome).

At the same time, Juve would have raised the offer for Dzeko taking it from 12 to 15 million euros.

In this way, the Giallorossi would have more liquidity to invest in the Milik deal (valued by Napoli 25 million euros). A nice discount if we consider that at the beginning the campanians demanded 40 million euros.

But De Laurentiis has come to terms with reality. Better 25 million now than nothing in a few months (when Milik will free himself on a free transfer).

Having received Juventus' no, Milik would have been convinced to say yes to the Giallorossi. The arrival of Milik in Trigoria unlocks Dzeko's arrival at Juventus.

The Bosnian will earn almost eight million euros per season (7.5 fixed base plus bonuses …).

Juve veered decisively on Dzeko because Suarez is unable to get rid of his two-year contract with Barcelona quickly.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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