Juventus transfer market, Arthur: an important clue in the last game of Barcelona

TURIN – Arthur could really be the next stroke of the transfer market of Juventus. Barcelona would have convinced themselves to give it to the bianconeri (more cash) to get to Miralem Pjanic.

An important clue comes from the match won by Barcelona a few hours ago on the Majorca pitch.

Arthur was unexpectedly kicked out by the eleven owner of the blaugrana and entered only in the last part of the game.

According to the Catalan press, the Barcelona coach would have seen him distracted by rumors of transfers on his behalf.

This could be a sign of the next positive conclusion of the transfer market that would bring Pjanic to Barcelona and more money to Arthur in Turin .

Not just a transfer market, Sarri wants his first trophy with Juventus and in Italy.

For Maurizio Sarri, the Coppa Italia final is an opportunity to win the first trophy in professional football in Italy.


A year after winning the Europa League at the helm of Chelsea, 4-1 over Arsenal in the all-London final played in Baku.

In the palmares of the technician born in Naples but raised in Figline Valdarno, among the Italian titles there is currently only the Serie D Italian Cup, won in 2013 on the Sansovino bench. Club of Monte San Savino (Arezzo).

Then, of course, also five promotions, the latest with Empoli, brought to Serie A in 2014.

But now the assault of the first Juventus manager title goes.

He began today to prepare for the final, between training on the field at Continassa, "unloading" for those who played in the Italian Cup semifinal, team work for others, and analysis of yesterday's game, the 0-0 against Milan in ten, with a very strong start and an inevitable – after the long competitive break – drop to the distance.

Sarri meditated on the formula with Cristiano Ronaldo center forward, who did not give great results, and the triple change that ended up revitalizing Milan.

"Cristiano always makes himself available," said the Juventus coach, making it clear that the formula will hardly be repeated.

“It was very unfortunate because it is easy to say wrong penalty, but the ball hit the internal post and went out.

Since Ronaldo from 11 meters is infallible, he ended up suffering that missed goal ".

On the 'American' change of three players at the same time, Sarri's self-criticism is total:

"I was wrong, I got carried away, but replacing three players en masse compromised the balance of the game and it took some time to find it."

Juventus, however, starts from "those 30 ′ minutes, at the beginning of the game, the best of the season", in Sarri's judgment.

A positive surprise served to dissolve part of the doubts that the recovery after a three-month stop had left.

For the final of 17 June in Rome, it would be very convenient for Sarri to get Higuain back, not even among those called up yesterday for the aftermath of a muscle ache.

On the account of the Argentine attacker, the last with Rabiot to return to Turin after the end of the lockdown, attacks on social media have been unleashed today:

in the viewfinder the images broadcast by the TV cameras that surprised him busy on his cell phone during Juventus-Milan (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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