Juventus, to Genoa by plane to avoid the chaos highways

ROME – Juventus has decided that it will go to Genoa by plane to avoid the chaos highways in Liguria.

It was the choice of the Juventus management who, for the transfer tonight at 8.45 pm to Ferraris, chose to fly.

No coach as usual, therefore, due to the great inconvenience that has been taking place on the Ligurian motorway network for weeks because of the many safety sites of open tunnels.

Difficult movements along the arteries of the region: A7, A10 and A26, and in particular around the node of Genoa. The risk of being bottled for hours is real.

The Juventus club thus chose the private charter, despite the short distance – about 180 kilometers – between the two cities. Juventus arrived at Genoa airport in the late morning.

Toti's words

"After a night in which many motorists have spent hours and hours queuing for the wild highway closings and before an afternoon in which the same thing will happen, I think it is the right of those who suffer this discomfort to know what exactly happens."

So the President of Liguria Giovanni Toti a few days ago spoke about the case of construction sites for the safety of tunnels on the Ligurian motorway network.

“In the winter of this year and early spring, with disastrous delay, Autostrade starts a series of checks on all the tunnels in our region.

When the checks are about to end, the Ministry of Infrastructure, on 20 May, decides that the checks, in the more than 250 tunnels in Liguria, should not be done as Autostrade was doing, but start again by dismantling all the "unduline" and that you apply a 1967 ministerial circular that provides for tunnel checks at least every quarter.

And the works must take place by July 15th.

In practice, someone at the Ministry decides that it must be done in less than three months, after the lockdown, at the opening of the tourist season, when the economy is starting up again, what has not been done in thirty years. Since this is impossible, the works will go beyond July 15th.

Nobody wants to take responsibility, at the Ministry and on Autostrade, to decide which jobs are really urgent and which ones could instead be spread over a longer time.

And so Liguria remains crushed. We don't give up on this incomprehensible madness. " (Sources: Ansa, Agi).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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