Juventus, this is Sarri: the coach gave the ultimatum to Chelsea

Juventus, ecco Sarri: il tecnico ha dato l'ultimatum al Chelsea

Juventus, here is Sarri: the coach gave the ultimatum to Chelsea (from The Sun)

LONDON – Maurizio Sarri , who has received an important proposal from Juventus, is in a hurry to know his future. For this reason, Sarri decided to give Chelsea an ultimatum. He wants to know right away if he will be confirmed or not on the English club bench. Sarri does not want to waste any more time because, in the event of a dismissal by Chelsea, he wants to be able to respond immediately to the Juventus offer. A stall, could bring back Maurizio Sarri without a bench. Chelsea could exonerate him and it may be too late because Juventus, in the meantime, could appoint another coach.

Juventus, Maurizio Sarri does not want to miss this opportunity.

Maurizio Sarri would like to know his future before the Europa League final but this scenario is practically impossible because Chelsea, before granting him confidence for next season, wants to bring home this important European trophy first. In short, the fate of Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea is decided based on the outcome of the Europa League final.

In his first year in England, Maurizio Sarri brought Chelsea back into the Champions League by closing the season in third place in the standings. He lost two finals, the league cup and the English Super Cup, and is preparing to play another one, the Europa League. According to the English press, in particular "The Sun", we will go towards a "Sarrivederci". That is Sarri will say goodbye to Chelsea to return to Italy and sit on the Juventus bench. We'll see.

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