Juventus surprise out of the top ten: the ranking of money in football, first the Real

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Juventus surprise out of the top ten of the money ranking in football. First the Real

ROME – Unchanged podium in the composition, with a shuffling of positions, and Premier League still to take the lion's share with 6 teams in the first 20. Without major changes compared to the past, to make news in the annual ranking made by Deloitte, advice is the Juventus exit, despite Cristiano Ronaldo, from the top ten of the richest clubs in the world. The bianconeri are now only elevenths, not far from Rome and Inter as they are in the Serie A ranking.

The first three positions of the podium in the "economic" ranking , called the Deloitte Football Money League, now in its 22nd edition and based on the turnover of the clubs, are occupied as last year by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. Twelve months ago the Red Devils were first and now they are third while the two Spaniards have both gained a position compared to the past, with the Blancos climbing on the top step.

No surprise considering the three consecutive Champions League won by Real, and also taking into account the proceeds of the sale of CR7. The fall of Juventus is surprising. It is true that for now, Cristiano is more a cost, that of the purchase of his card, than a resource. In fact, the fruits of his goals and his name on T-shirts will be felt over time. Bianconeri overtaken by Tottenham, the same Tottenham eliminated in the Champions League, but blown to Ronaldo and companions the last place in the top ten. Juventus eleventh, Tottenham tenth.

On the other hand, Italian football is pleased to see the growth of Roma, Inter and Milan , having entered the top 20 clubs. Giallorossi catapulted to 15th place from the excellent European performance last year, just behind Inter former Spalletti. On the other hand, Milan, which is back in the top 20 after a year of absence, bringing its revenues above the psychological threshold of 200 million.

If the Rossoneri are 7.7 million above the threshold of 200, going to see the detail, Rome reaches 250, while Inter to 280 million. 114 million of Juventus, with revenues of 394 million. However, 30 less than the British Tottenham that last season have broken through the 400 million coming to 428.

Far from light years, on the field as in the budgets, the stars of Real world champions and box office. For them, revenues amounted to 750 million. Overall, the top 20 clubs in the ranking have seen their turnover grow by 6%. A growth mainly supported by TV rights that cover as much as 43% of total revenue, compared to 40% of commercial revenues, while the "match day" (tickets and receipts from bars, restaurants, shops, museum inside the stadium) it only covers 17%.

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