Juventus, Simone Inzaghi on pole on Sarri: he bewitched Agnelli

Juventus, Simone Inzaghi in pole su Sarri: ha stregato Agnelli

Juventus, Simone Inzaghi on pole on Sarri: he bewitched Agnelli. Photo ANSA / ANGELO CARCONI

TURIN – Simone Inzaghi is the favorite for the Juventus bench. In three years on the Lazio bench, he was able to win two cups, an Italian Cup and an Italian Super Cup, and to play an offensive and modern game. Agnelli would have been impressed by Inzaghi's idea of ​​football in the direct clashes between the Biancocelesti and Juventus. Despite the clear gap between the two teams, Inzaghi managed to beat Juventus in the final of the Italian Super Cup and to establish himself at the Stadium in the championship.

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Juventus, Simone Inzaghi convinced Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved.

Simone Inzaghi believes his experience on the Lazio bench is over and he is ready for the big jump in a big of Italian and European football like Juve. Simone Inzaghi not only likes Andrea Agnelli but also Pavel Nedved. The Juventus manager played with Simone Inzaghi at the time of Lazio and is linked to Inzaghi jr by a friendship that has lasted for years. Paratici, on the other hand, would have liked a more famous international coach but both Guardiola and Pochettino cannot be reached.

Inzaghi has also passed Maurizio Sarri because the Chelsea coach is not able to give a quick answer to the bianconeri. Sarri has yet to play the Europa League final and does not yet know whether he will be confirmed by Chelsea boss Roman Abramovič.

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