Juventus Scudetto, the secrets of Sarri: from Dybala false nine to Cristiano Ronaldo outside and Cuadrado full back

Ninth consecutive championship for Juventus and first absolute triumph for Maurizio Sarri at the age of 61 after a long apprenticeship. Here are all the secrets of the Juventus coach.

Despite the criticisms received, like all his predecessors on the Juventus bench, Sarri did not limit himself to winning the Scudetto , he literally dominated it. In fact, the tricolor, won two rounds early , came at the end of a championship where Juve was always at the top of the standings.

Tonight the bianconeri suffered from the heat but in the end they bent Sampdoria thanks to the Scudetto goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and Bernardeschi .

There is so much of Sarri in this triumph because the former Chelsea manager wanted to shape the team in his image and likeness with choices that led him to often quarrel with his players.

In fact, in turn, Sarri was sent to that country by all three of his attackers . From Cristiano Ronaldo to Dybala, passing through Higuain. But in the end he was right. The Juventus coach has always minimized these reactions, as if the insults entered his ear and came out of the other.

In short, Sarri has not only proved to be a great coach but also an excellent manager. In the face of those who feared that he could not handle so many first women.

But let's move on to the main tactical innovations that he was able to introduce in a Juventus that was already winning.

Starting low, Cuadrado's move at full- back proved to be brilliant. In fact, the Colombian has been able to do very well even a few meters behind his usual position.

Cuadrado got away with it in the defensive phase and represented an added value also in the offensive one. Between the posts, Sarri successfully alternated Szczesny, who in any case was the owner of the team, with Buffon, who thanks to the coach reached the historic record of appearances in Serie A.

In the center of the defense he was forced to give a lot of space to the young players due to Chiellini's serious injury. At first, Demiral did very well. Even better than the overpaid De Ligt.

Then came the Turkish's serious injury and De Ligt had the personality to impose himself alongside Bonucci. For the rest, the full-backs alternated by Sarri (Danilo, Alex Sandro and De Sciglio) did very well.

In fact, as already mentioned, Sarri proved to be an excellent manager, his scientific turnover has almost always paid off. In midfield, the coach was able to make the most courageous decisions. He used a lot of Pjanic but then he gave the ok to his sale because he considers Arthur more functional to his idea of ​​the game.

The choice was also made because Sarri has often placed Bentancur in the control room. The move proved successful because the young Uruguayan was among the best in the entire league.

Then the former Chelsea manager was able to successfully alternate the other midfielders, from the two new signings Rabiot and Ramsey, to the safe second-hand Matuidi. Sarri had the talent, even if not continuously, to try Bernardeschi in the role of midfielder (but the former Fiorentina was used above all as an attacking winger).

Now the attack, the department where Sarri has been able to give his best, unleashing the fury of his attacking players several times. In fact, the technician had a very specific idea and never changed it. In this he proved to be a fundamentalist but in the end he was right and this is what counts.

  • The quarrels of Sarri. The one with Ronaldo ( here ), the one with Higuain ( here ) and the one with Dybala ( here ).

Like, are you the stars? Very well, but I decide how you have to play. The 'vaffa' of his players have not softened him in the slightest. For Sarri Dybala had to be the center forward of the team and he did. In fact, the Argentine from a false nine played an extraordinary season. Did Higuain have to let him catch his breath every now and then? And so it was and also the Argentine bomber was able to make a contribution to the realization.

And Ronaldo? He had to play as a winger like in Manchester times. And so it was despite the reluctance of the Portuguese.

In fact, the most bitter arguments of Sarri were precisely with Cr7 but in the end the coach was right as the Portuguese is likely to set the absolute record in Serie A, demonstrating how he can score an avalanche of goals even in that position.

Ronaldo would have liked to play in the center of the attack, as in recent years in Madrid, to run less but had to roll up his sleeves for his own good and that of Juventus.

Also worth mentioning are Douglas Costa and Bernardeschi, two players who did very well alternating in the delicate role of attacking winger. Delicate because Sarri requires a waste of energy from his attacking outsiders (see Callejon at the time of Napoli …).

Will Sarri open a cycle? It all depends on the Champions League. If he were to come out sensationally against Lyon, or in a humiliating way against City or Real, he could be dismissed even immediately because the real goal of the bianconeri is Europe. Football is like this, the line between triumph and dismissal is thin.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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