Juventus, Sconcerti: “Higuain deserves a report upon his return to Italy”

TURIN – The journalist Mario Sconcerti has thrown himself against Gonzalo Higuain of Juventus and against the plan to restart football in Italy.

Sconcerti made the following statements during an interview with the microphones of calcioomercato.com.

“The first to leave Italy was Juventus Higuain , I remember it well.

He left the quarantine .

Now, when he comes back, in theory there would be the duty of a complaint , I don't know if there will be.

But everyone will now have a quarantine duty.

I find the way we go back to playing outrageous .

Before we asked the players to cut their wages, now they are faced with the possibility of closing two months in a hotel and going out just to play.

These must go to the field, play, have fun and go back to jail.

I'm honest: it seems like a gladiator's stuff to me.

I believe that people have detached themselves from football right now.

It is difficult to accept, football has been and is our life, but after two months we realize that it can be done even without it.

I wonder: if I have to start again from an old league that gives me little emotion and with the players in prison who go on the field to entertain who?

I don't find it civil and I don't even want such a counterfeit football. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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