Juventus, Sarri returns to Naples and loses. Capello boccia: “Trident flop, poor organization”

Napoli-Juventus, Fabio Capello ha criticato la prestazione della squadra allenata da Maurizio Sarri

Napoli-Juventus, Fabio Capello criticized the performance of the team coached by Maurizio Sarri (photo Ansa)

ROME – Nightmare evening for Maurizio Sarri. The coach returned to Naples for the first time as an opponent and lost by undergoing a tactical lesson from Rino Gattuso. Fabio Capello rejected it heavily during the post game on Sky Sport: “Juventus lost because it was lower than Napoli. The trident was supposed to bring fantasy but it didn't. Juve played a messy game, I saw a poor organization … ".

Napoli-Juventus, Maurizio Sarri's answer to Fabio Capello.

Sarri replied to the former coach, among others, of Rome, Milan and Juventus, saying that this defeat is the result of a no evening. So Sarri rejected not only the trident but the whole team performance. The former Napoli manager was not satisfied with anything. Here are his statements to Sky Sport's microphones.

“We were passive throughout the game, in Naples you don't win by playing at a slow pace. We played badly, we were always late. We played a wrong game, both from the point of view of the approach and from the mental point of view. We can't be the ones tonight. We lost a game against an opponent who did the minimum to win.

I don't think we played badly for the draws of Inter and Lazio, indeed this should have stimulated us more. The trident didn't work because the rest of the team didn't work. We were always late, we always came second on the ball so I can't misjudge just one department.

You tell me that I played without attacking midfielder but Dybala should have done it … in any case, I repeat, I do not budge only the trident but the whole team. If nothing works, the trident can't work either. It seems to me honestly logical. The absence of Giorgio Chiellini? It certainly makes itself felt, it also helps others to stay focused … ".

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