Juventus, Sarri admits: “Long confrontation with Cristiano Ronaldo but for me he remains an outsider …”

TURIN – Juventus in the storm after the bad performances that made them lose the Italian Cup. Sarri is in the sights of the Juventus fans and is at high risk of exemption.

His game has also been severely criticized by Cristiano Ronaldo's sister. The Portuguese is not happy and it shows.

All the fault of Sarri's tactical beliefs that do not marry in the least with Cr7's way of playing.

Ronaldo played much better in Allegri's Juventus tactical form where he played the role of central striker.

For Sarri, Ronaldo does better from outside but the Portuguese does not agree at all since he is 35 years old and is in the final part of his career.

Ronaldo would like to waste less energy on the wing and would like to exploit his qualities as a scorer in the position of center forward.

Sarri spoke about this at the press conference before the Juventus return to Serie A against Bologna.

The declarations of the former Napoli coach are reported by the Corriere dello Sport .

" Cristiano Ronaldo ? We talked before the match against Milan and the match against Napoli , then yesterday.

He made 700 goals from the left, so it is normal that his preference is that. In the final I talked to the three in front and then, analyzing with them, we all agreed to leave with central Dybala .

Yesterday I talked to Cristiano for a long time, because he must not lose faith. I hope from tomorrow, but at the latest in a week, the fantastic footballer of all time will return. You can't always be at the top.

No friction with Pjanic. That of our quarrel is a big hoax.

Pjanic is one of the three players I have employed the most, he is a footballer that I am very close to and to whom I must refer because he has a very important role in our midfield. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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