Juventus-Rome, space for the ‘best of youth’: Fuzato, Calafiori, Muratore, Zanimacchia and the other ‘baby phenomena’

Juventus-Roma will be a showcase for the best young players of the two teams. Space for baby phenomena such as Fuzato , Calafiori, Muratore and Zanimacchia. Let's find them out together.

Juventus-Roma will be little more than a friendly match. The two coaches will give ample space to the best young players of their squads.

Juve and Roma have nothing more to ask of this league because both clubs have already achieved their goals in Serie A.

Juventus won the Scudetto while Roma qualified for the group stage of the Europa League, condemning Milan to the preliminaries (six matches that the Rossoneri would have gladly done without …).

So tonight this race will be a showcase for the many talented young people present in both squads.

Roma will launch Fuzato and Calafiori into the fray.

Fuzato has never played with the Giallorossi but is already part of the Brazilian national team 'A' behind the two phenomena Alisson and Ederson. Recently, Roma extended his contract so as not to miss it because during training he has already shown that he is a potential phenomenon.

What we need at the moment if we consider the recent ducks of the owner Pau Lopez.

Even Calafiori has never played in the first team but the agent Mino Raiola has already made him join his team because he is one of the strongest class of 2002 in the world.

Calafiori can have great possibilities in Rome because he occupies a role, like that of the left winger, where the Giallorossi have only Spinazzola. So tonight Calafiori will take his place and play as a left winger in Fonseca's 3-5-2.

The young Juventus players are even better known because some of them have already made their debut in Serie A and managed to win a trophy among the professionals, the Serie C Italian Cup with the Juventus Under 23 shirt.

Among them we mention, the defenders Coccolo and Frabotta, who are two players both physical and technical for the role they cover.

Then, in midfield, we absolutely have to talk about the talent of Muratore and Peeters. Two out of the ordinary players who combine quantity with quality.

Forward, off to Olivieri, Vrioni and Zanimacchia. Among the three, the one that finds the most consensus among the experts is Zanimacchia.

Zanimacchia has already scored 7 goals, in Serie C, with the Juventus Under 23 shirt and has been worn very often by Sarri in the first team as the former Chelsea manager dotes on him.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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