Juventus-Rome, goal Bonucci is regular: that’s why PHOTOS

Juventus-Roma, gol Bonucci è regolare: ecco perché FOTO

Juventus-Roma, Leonardo Bonucci's goal revised at the var (Rai freeze frame)

TURIN – Juventus-Roma was a fairly simple match from the refereeing point of view. The bianconeri played better and closed the practice already in the first half. The only episode of slow motion was in the end of the first part of the game. Bonucci headed a free kick from the right.

At normal speed, his position seemed dubious but by reviewing the action on the var monitor it emerges that Bonucci was the only Juventus player in a regular position, because he started from behind.

So it is true that there are three Juventus players in an offside position but among them there was no Bonucci who instead was in a regular starting position. So Bonucci's goal is perfectly regular and Rocchi was good at validating it with the help of his assistants present in front of the monitors in the var room.

As said, this was the only real slow motion episode because for the rest it was a fairly quiet race with the qualification that was never really questioned.

Juventus qualified in the semifinals by winning three to one against Roma with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, Rodrigo Bentancur and Leonardo Bonucci. The network of the Giallorossi flag was signed by Under with a deviation from Buffon. In the semifinal, Juve will play against the winner of Milan-Torino.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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