Juventus, Rabiot controversy on social media: “I finished the strike”

TURIN – Adrien Rabiot has decided to return to Turin.

His holiday on the French Riviera would come to an end.

Not considering Higuain, Rabiot was the only foreigner who had not yet returned to base for training.

For this reason, media outlets around the world had indulged themselves in trying to understand his behavior .

According to some media, Rabiot was forcing Juventus' hand to surrender to Manchester City .

According to other media, the young French midfielder was on strike because he was against Juventus' cut in wages .

The fact is that in the end the former PSG midfielder decided to return to Turin for training.

The Juventus midfielder also argued against journalists on Instagram by writing:

"I ended the strike ."

Rabiot will have to remain in quarantine until May 28th , then he will be able to train again with the other teammates .

The Italian football championship should resume in the first or second week of June .

Despite his late culprit return, Rabiot should return in good time for the first post coronavirus matches .

In any case, the future of the French midfielder seems far from Turin because it never took place in the Juventus world.

Rabiot is expected to be handed over to Manchester City in the Premier League.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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