Juventus, Pjanic exalts Sarri: “His game is fun, we always attack the opponent”

Juventus Pjanic Sarri gioco divertente aggrediamo sempre avversario

Juventus, Pjanic with Khedira in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanic spoke today on Sky Sport 24 .

How does an offensive player feel about Sarri saying that you don't have to manage but attack?

We must try to press as much as possible, so that even more scoring opportunities are created. Yesterday we had so many, unfortunately we didn't use them, and by keeping the game open we can always risk a little something. But the philosophy of the coach, and his way of thinking, we are understanding it and we are putting it better and better in every game. This team is having fun and I think it will get stronger with time.

How long will it take to be at the maximum?

I think Sarri expected everything at once, but it is normal that it takes some time, even if you can already see so much of his ideas, of his game. Certainly, there is always something to improve and it will improve over time. The important thing is that the team does not have so many injuries, because having everyone available is an important thing to want and be able to reach all the goals, especially the maximums, Champions and championship. This team has so much quality and manages to express itself really well lately.

Have you ever felt so good as in this period?

It was an important start to the season, I feel in good shape, in confidence, I feel even in the fullness of my football maturity. I'm fine, the team manages to express itself well, I enjoy it and see it on the field. Then, goals are certainly pleasing, but what makes me more happy is that we are first in the Champions League and in the league, we must try to stay there during the cycle of this month and try to detach others more. My dream is to be among the best in the world, not just in Italy. So, I work for that and day after day I try to improve. Then, the way of playing always depends also on the coaches. A new one has arrived, asking for a different kind of football.

Did you thank Buffon for yesterday's match and for the big parade in the final?

Gigi is Gigi, his presence is very important, we always thank him for having him, he is an absolute leader in the locker room, on the field, he always keeps everyone on alert, but he also saves parades like yesterday's. It doesn't surprise us, because we see it every day. He is the number one, I believe also of all times.

What kind of match will Juventus have to play against Lokomotiv in the Champions League? What game will it be?

Europe is Europe and no one should be underestimated in the Champions League. It is a game that we must absolutely be able to attack from the beginning and try to put it in our favor. Facilitate it, but it will certainly not be easy, because they have also demonstrated against Bayer Leverkusen and Atletico Madrid that it is not easy to play against them. It will be important for us to take the three points, to try to get closer to the qualification (source Sky Sport).

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