Juventus, no scudetto in Udine. What happens now? All possible combinations

Juventus lost to Udine by failing the first match point for the Scudetto. What happens now? Here are all the possible combinations.

Juve lost a great opportunity in Udine but still remain very favorite for the ninth consecutive Scudetto. The bianconeri could celebrate even before taking the field again, let's see why.

If Atalanta loses against Milan on Friday (an essential condition) and Inter does not win against Genoa on Saturday, Juve would win the Scudetto even before taking the field against Sampdoria.

In fact, at the moment the Bianconeri have six points ahead of Atalanta and seven points over Inter. And in both cases, Juve is ahead in direct clashes.

So if Atalanta were to remain six points away, in the event of a defeat against Milan, they could only reach Juventus but not overtake them. So in this hypothesis he would hand over the Scudetto to the Bianconeri for the disadvantage in the direct clashes (Juve won in Bergamo and drew in Turin recently).

If one between Atalanta and Inter were to win, or even both, Juventus would still be the masters of their destiny because the victory at home against a Sampdoria already saved and with nothing more to ask from this championship would be enough.

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Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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