Juventus, Nedved: “Allegri resta? Time will tell…”. Technician remains in the balance

Juventus, Nedved: "Allegri resta? Chi vivrà vedrà...". Tecnico resta in bilico

Juventus, Nedved: “Allegri resta? Time will tell…". Technician remains in the balance (photo ANSA / AP Photo / Frank Augstein)

TURIN – Allegri hangs in the balance. In the interview with Sky Sport before Roma-Juventus , Pavel Nedved kept Massimiliano Allegri on tap waiting for his meeting, scheduled for next week, with Andrea Agnelli. Juve is not convinced to confirm Massimiliano Allegri and is probing other tracks such as those leading to Pep Guardiola and Pochettino.

Juventus, Nedved does not give Allegri certainties: "Stay with us? Time will tell…".

Nedved has released the following statements on Allegri to Sky Sport microphones: "Meeting between Massimiliano Allegri and Andrea Agnelli? It's happening earlier than usual so I don't understand why you talk about it this way. Juventus is already very strong, it's not easy to improve it, that's why I don't expect a transfer market that distorts an already very competitive team. If Allegri will remain on the Juventus bench? I answer you with a saying that my son taught me, who will live will see … ".

After Nedved's statements, Alessandro Del Piero, who is at the Olimpico for Roma-Juventus, told his about Allegri on Sky Sport microphones: "It is not fair to criticize a coach like Allegri who won five consecutive championships and who has brought Juventus to such levels. Then I don't know if it is right to confirm it or not. It is right to ask questions. Why didn't Juve go ahead with this potential in the Champions League? Can Allegri improve this team? These are questions that can be asked and in my opinion the Bianconeri leadership is making its assessments ".

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