Juventus-Napoli tickets, no prohibition on those born in Campania. It remains for residents

Juventus-Napoli biglietti, niente divieto ai nati in Campania. Resta per i residenti

The Allianza Stadium in Turin in an ANSA photo

TURIN – Juventus-Naples will not be banned for those born in Campania . The Juventus club announced the procedures for the free sale of tickets for the championship match, second day, on August 31st, decided on the basis of the provisions of the security operating group (GOS) which met today, August 9th.

After the controversy, the restriction concerning those born in Campania no longer appears, while the ban on the purchase of tickets for residents in Campania also remains in the possession of fidelity cards, with the exception of the Juventus Card or fan card. Furthermore, Campania's offices are not authorized to sell coupons for the match. These measures, Juventus specifies, concern all sectors with the exception of the guest sector for which the Observatory for sporting events will express itself in the coming weeks.

The controversy and the reactions

The choice of Juventus had sparked controversy. Many personalities who objected to the decision to prohibit the sale to people born in Campania. The first answer is the official one of the Municipality of Naples: “The news from the Juventus football club of banning the sale of coupons for the Juve-Napoli match to those born in Campania has the air of being a choice of territorial discrimination and social. It is very serious that a sports society selects the paying public on the basis of an arbitrary factor linked to the place of birth "this is the comment on the news entrusted to the delegate to the Autonomy of the City, Flavia Sorrentino. Many politicians who have asked for explanations about the choice, as well as personalities from the world of culture and entertainment.

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