Juventus-Naples, sale prohibited to those born in Campania. And the prices of the curves …

Juventus-Napoli, vietata la vendita a chi è nato in Campania. E i prezzi delle curve...

One of the curves of the Allianz Stadium (photo ANSA)

ROME – The second day of the next Serie A championship will see Juventus and Napoli take on the challenge at the Stadium. Bad news, however, for the blue supporters, most of the Neapolitans in fact will not be able to watch the match. Juventus has announced through its official website that the sale will be prohibited to residents of Campania and to those born in the Campania region. So the only Italian fans who can take part in the trip to Turin are those who are neither born nor resident in Campania.

In reality, the reference to those born in Campania concerns only this phase of preemption: it will be up to the table in the Prefecture to decide which limitations to impose but everything suggests that, as foreseen in the practice, the prohibition will only affect residents. The police headquarters in Turin let know "that this decision has not been agreed or intends to share it".

Also there is controversy also for ticket prices. Non-subscribed Juventus fans will have to spend 67 euros for a coupon from the North or South Tribune, or the curves. High prices for a sector that has always been "popular". Rate that is lowered to 60 euros in the case of Members or fans of a Juventus Official Fan Club, who will in any case have to buy their own coupon on certain days or through their own club. (source REPUBLIC)

The Juventus-Naples article , banned from sale to those born in Campania. And the prices of the curves … seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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