Juventus-Milan, Capello criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo: “He hasn’t dribbled a player for three years …”

Capello Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Milan Non dribbla da tre anni

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TURIN – Cristiano Ronaldo harshly criticized by Fabio Capello, coach who has followed him very well in recent years as the Portuguese played in two of his former teams like Real Madrid and Juventus. Commenting on his outburst tonight after the change, Capello wanted to openly side with Maurizio Sarri, releasing the following statements to Sky Sport.

"Cristiano Ronaldo has not dribbled a player for three years. Since he has been at Juventus he has never done it and even in the last year of Real Madrid he has started to show signs of slowing down from this point of view. Perhaps you don't remember the real Cristiano Ronaldo, he dribbled opponents in industrial quantities with his double steps and attacked the door with power and punch. Now he has become a completely different footballer.

By this I do not mean that he is not a great player, he remains a champion in the penalty area. He is good at scoring both on foot and head, he is good at anticipating his opponents on the cross but he no longer has the speed and pace of a time. Sarri guessed the replacement, when Dybala and Douglas Costa entered the field we saw another Juventus.

In fact, only after these two champions entered the field did they see a great Juve. If Ronaldo had remained on the field, Milan would not have lost this match. "

Capello issued strong statements but was immediately assisted by Bergomi: "You're right Fabio. Cristiano no longer has the shot, the cue of early Madrid or of Manchester. So if it's not even good from a physical point of view, it's better to take it off to include a more incisive player in the field ”.

In short, in the study of Sky Sport only criticisms for Cristiano Ronaldo and praise for Maurizio Sarri who had the personality to remove him from the field for two consecutive games.

The Juventus-Milan article , Capello criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo: "Don't dribble a footballer for three years …" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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