Juventus, Matuidi: “Cristiano Ronaldo? Impressive. Here’s what it does after the games “

Juventus, Matuidi: "Cristiano Ronaldo? Impressive. Here's what he does after the games" (photo Ansa)

Juventus, Matuidi: "Cristiano Ronaldo? Impressive. Here's what he does after the games "(photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by "L'Equipe", Juventus player Blaise Matuidi spoke about the team's disappointment with elimination from the Champions League:

"It was the dark time of the year. Today we also pay the consequences, since our coach has left the club. We had the means to do better, but we could not be there at the right time. However, we have been able to react well in some situations, as in the eighth final with Atletico. On the way back we were perfect and, at that moment, I really thought we would go to the end. Then, there were also missed important players, like Chiellini who was injured ”.

But beyond the slap taken by Ajax, Matuidi still says he is satisfied with the vintage as a whole: "It was a rather satisfying season, despite everything. I played almost every game and in a club like Juve it is not cheap. And then we kept the title of Italian champions … ".

"Cristiano Ronaldo? It's awesome. He won everything. You say that when you win all the backlash can come and you ask yourself: 'What can I win more?'. Not him. He always wants to go higher. In training, he always wants to win, he's not happy when he loses and I assure you I'm not kidding. A little like Ibra? It's different. The traits of victory are similar, but Christian is more worker. He also trains after the games. This is what has upset me the most. The next day, when everyone is trying to recover, he is already at the training center and you see him doing abs … ".

"In Turin – he says – I'm fine, it's a very familiar city. The fact remains that we are in a very demanding club, with significant workloads. But compared to Paris it's different. I happened to start training at 9am and go home after my daughters came back from school around 4.30pm. For a football player, it is not common. Here I still have a contract year and the option for another. I'm fine with Juventus. I am not sorry to have left the PSG. You don't have to live with regrets. Life is made of challenges. Today I am very happy. If I wanted, I would have stayed in Paris, no one put a gun to my head. But from the moment you feel that there is no more trust, it is right to change ".

Chapter on racism. Matuidi then spoke of the unpleasant episode at the Sardegna Arena: "In Cagliari it was one of the worst moments of my career. It had already happened to me in the previous season, in the same stadium. This year the first reaction was to stop the game. I didn't do it because there are also my companions and I don't have to think only of myself ”.

Source: L'Equipe.

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