Juventus market share, Dybala remains: negotiation with Tottenham has been canceled

Calciomercato Juventus, Dybala resta: saltata la trattativa col Tottenham

Paulo Dybala (photo ANSA)

ROME – Juventus no longer wants to sell Paulo Dybala . According to the rumors of transfer market, the Argentine striker would remain in Turin due to the decision of the Juventus club itself, which in the last hours would have been convinced not to sell it. It would therefore defeat the possible blow, for 70 million euros, of Tottenham.

Juve's decision would have come due to the lack of a replacement (after Lukaku was bought by Inter). Now the chances for Dybala are to stay at Juventus or go to Inter in exchange for Icardi (a hypothesis that the Bianconeri don't like). There is also the scenario of a transfer to the PSG. Even in that case, however, Juve would not have a replacement for Dybala.

In all this there is also to resolve the situation linked to Mario Mandzukic . The longer the time – today the English market closes – the transfer to Croatia of the Croat, who would have freed a spot in attack for Sarri's squad, seems more complicated. The hours available to close the deal are less and less and it will be difficult to find a solution to the last. (source SKY SPORT – GIANLUCA DI MARZIO)

The Calciomercato Juventus article , Dybala remains: after the negotiation with Tottenham is over, it seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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