Juventus market, Rugani-Riccardi: working on the exchange with Roma

Calciomercato Juventus Rugani Riccardi Roma scambio chi fa l'affare?

Rugani celebrates after a goal scored with Juventus, he could move to Roma during this transfer market (photo Ansa)

ROME – Roma wants Rugani but in the last hours it could change the formula of the transfer market operation. At first we thought of a loan with a ransom to be set at 20-25 million euros but the Giallorossi are forcing their hand to buy it outright. To convince Juventus, Roma are trying to include two young players in the transfer market negotiations who are very fond of the Bianconeri. These are Riccardi and Bouah. If Bouah is a talent, Riccardi is even considered the possible heir of Francesco Totti. An exaggerated comparison but it is still a young man who has enchanted both in the youth of Rome and in the ranks of the National Under 19 team (Riccardi is a pillar of the blue selections from the under 15).

Moreover, Rome and Juventus are not new to such exchanges. At the start of the transfer market, Roma and Juventus perfected the exchange between Leonardo Spinazzola and Luca Pellegrini (later loaned to Cagliari) with a balance in favor of the Bianconeri. Now, the two companies could perfect this other exchange that would guarantee Juventus two young men with a secure future and Roma as the central defender who is missing to complete the squad.

Calciomercato Rome, not just purchases: the happiness of Edin Dzeko and Federico Fazio for having renewed the contract with the Giallorossi club.

«The company believes in me – the words of Federico Fazio – it is a very important thing, this is already the second renewal since I am here and I am very happy. We are training well to reach the goal of being at our best throughout the year ». Meanwhile, after the renewal, he speaks Edin Dzeko.

"I stayed because I really feel at home here, as well as my wife and children – the Bosnian in Rome TV smiles – lately, when we were on vacation, my daughter Una always said: let's go home to Rome" (source La Repubblica ).

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