Juventus market, proposed to Barcelona the exchanges Suarez-Mandzukic and Rakitic-Emre Can

Luis Suarez, Ansa

Luis Suarez (photo Ansa)

ROME – At Barcellona Paratici it would have proposed the Suarez-Mandzukic exchange. Will Barcelona accept? All that remains is to wait. Certainly, however, Juventus is trying to place its redundancies around Europe, or presumed to be such: then Paulo Dybala, who calls him redundant is almost a blasphemy, Mario Mandzukic, Gonzalo Higuain and even Daniele Rugani. The latter is getting closer to Rome at this time.

In the list of redundancies, or presumed such, there would also be Emre Can. He too, the Italian newspapers say, offered to Barcelona in exchange for Rakitic.

"The success of the Rakitic-Emre Can puzzle – Tuttosport writes – is not yet obvious, but the first signs are clear and positive".

Chapter Rugani .

"The Rome – explains the Corriere dello Sport – breaks the delay and even the patterns in the last decade of the market, to complete the team available to Fonseca. In the coming days Petrachi could close for Daniele Rugani , who has been held in a bain-marie over the past few weeks waiting for more intriguing options. To unblock the situation would be the usual exchange with Juventus , which would get the tag of the very young Alessio Riccardi , star class 2001 of the Roman nursery ".

In this case Rugani would be sold outright to Rome, and not on loan, for a valuation between 20 and 25 million. Here too the advice is always the same. All that remains is to wait.

Source: Il Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport.

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