Juventus market, between the dream Neymar and the possibility Lukaku

Calciomercato Juventus Neymar Lukaku Icardi

Juventus dreams of Neymar as a transfer market shot (photo by Ansa)

TURIN – At Juventus, the transfer market of the attackers is holding both incoming and outgoing. Gonzalo Higuain and Moise Kean could be sold and in their place could be two between Neymar , Mauro Icardi and Romelu Lukaku. Sarri would have made this decision, along with the company, at the end of the Asian tour.

Gonzalo Higuain should move to Rome next week. His move to Giallorossi should also unlock the arrival of Edin Dzeko at Inter. Moise Kean has many requests but in the end he should finish at Arsenal because the English club has presented the most interesting offer for the young Juventus striker. In their place, two champions could arrive that would surely ignite the enthusiasm of the Juventus supporters.

Between Neymar, Icardi and Lukaku, the one closest to Juve would be the Belgian striker. Manchester United would have accepted the exchange with Paulo Dybala but the Argentine has not yet decided whether to go to England or to stay at Juventus (where it would not be a first choice).

The negotiation for Mauro Icardi is made very complicated by the tense relationship that exists between the two clubs. Report that could become even worse in case of Lukaku's "bag snatching" by the bianconeri.

For Neymar it is a very complicated negotiation but the player is definitely out of Paris Saint Germain, who does not want it anymore, and Juve is among the very few clubs that can buy it. The Brazilian would like to return to Barcelona but at this moment the Catalans cannot face a similar investment because they have just bought Griezmann at a golden weight.

Calciomercato, the Barcelona does not lean on the possible return of Neymar: "He is a footballer of the Psg …".

"During the summer I read a lot of things in the newspapers and this year I read a lot about Neymar. The Brazilian, we all know very well, is a Paris Saint-Germain player and we have great respect for the French club. The current situation is this and there is nothing to add ".

The president of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, does not lose his balance and, speaking to the microphones of RMC Sports about the situation of Neymar, does not provide indications about the possible return of the Brazilian playmaker to Catalonia. Several times Neymar, in this period, has been approached to the Barcelona (source Ansa).

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Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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