Juventus, Manchester United on the site: “Calciopoli, Rubentus and those skills …”

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Rubentus, Calciopoli: Manchester United describes Juventus

ROME – Tonight will be played one of the classics of European football between Manchester United and Juventus . On the official website of the Red Devils there is a list of the challenges between the two teams, but introduced by a description that will not make the Bianconeri happy. In fact, it refers to Calciopoli and the nickname Rubentus .

"One of the pejorative nicknames given to the Old Lords by rival fans like those of Fiorentina, Inter and Naples is" Rubentus ". This comes from the Italian steal and from the once obscure reputation of the Bianconeri, culminating in the Calciopoli scandal that lives them deprived of the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 championships and relegated to Serie B as a penalty for having rigged a series of matches [ …] And before in the '90s Football Italy on Channel 4 gave the A Series a fabulous look Fellainesco with good pizzas and nice coffees, where the ice cream never melts, the British fans saw the Italian team with suspicion. Their skills were not questioned, some of their other tactics were undoubtedly ".

The Juventus article , Manchester United on the site: "Calciopoli, Rubentus and those skills …" seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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