Juventus, listen to Lotito: “Milinkovic away only for super offer. Inzaghi? Neighbor’s grass … “

Juventus, senti Lotito: "Milinkovic via solo per offerta super. Inzaghi? Erba del vicino..."

Juventus, listen to Lotito: “Milinkovic away only for super offer. Inzaghi? Neighbor's grass … ". Photo ANSA

ROME – It will not be easy for Juventus to snatch Milinkovic Savic and Inzaghi from Lotito. " Milinkovic-Savic is not for sale, as I said last year and then the facts proved me right. It is equally true that, if an important offer arrives not only for the company but also for the footballer, we would put ourselves around a table to talk about it ". This was stated by Lazio president Claudio Lotito on the sidelines of the Rome Ussi awards at the Circolo Canottieri Aniene. "What offer should come for Milinkovic? I am not talking about money – concluded Lotito – why do you only talk about money? As a president I do not receive a euro and I have no reimbursement of expenses, so according to this mentality I should not be worth anything? ".

Does Juventus want Inzaghi? Lotito: "Neighbor's grass is always greener …".

"Inzaghi? Here there is no kind of friction, perhaps there will be someone else's aspiration or appetite because the neighbor's grass is always greener ”. So the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, answers a question about the future of the biancoceleste technician during the delivery of the Ussi Roma prizes to the Circolo Aniene.

"There is a contract, Lazio should be a starting point instead it becomes a point of arrival because today this company does not envy anyone.
Inzaghi is a heritage of Lazio and talking about negotiation is improper: Inzaghi has a contract, he is part of the staff. "

"Today, the most important problems relate to the organization, planning, prospects of the club and then individual interests. The others always talk about money, instead we talk about programming, because the results are merit or demerit of all, because we win and we lose all together. "

"I do not make judgments and I do not deal with series B. In any case, I am used to thinking about sentences and not opinions that, with all due respect to those who write them, leave the time they find." This was stated by Claudio Lotito, owner of Salernitana and president of Lazio, on the opinion of the College of Guarantee on the series B playout requested by the FIGC on the dispute of the playout in the cadet championship.

"Only the sentences count and it seems to me that last year there were 63 appeals and as many victories by the B series, now we will see what they bring this year. But I am not involved in the work, even though I see that there is this conspiracy according to which everything happens in football has to do with Lotito. It seems out of place to me ”(source Ansa).

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