Juventus Italian champion already Thursday if this happens …

Thursday Juventus have the first match point to win the ninth consecutive championship , that's what has to happen.

Between Juventus and the ninth consecutive league title it is only a matter of hours. Thursday the bianconeri have their first match point but Fiorentina's collaboration is needed.

In fact, if Inter were not to win against the Viola, Juve would have enough success on Udinese to win the Scudetto with three days in advance.

Therefore, in the event of Juve's success against Udinese, the draw between Fiorentina and Inter would also be fine to deliver the championship to the team coached by Sarri.

And Atalanta? The 'Goddess' is located nine points behind Juventus. The math does not condemn it yet but very little is missing … In fact, Atalanta would still be in the running for the championship only in the event that Juventus should not beat Udinese.

In case of victory of both Juve and Atalanta, the bianconeri would remain at most nine over Bergamo with still nine points to be won.

But in this circumstance Atalanta would still be passed off because even if it were to close the championship with the same points as Juve would still lose the league title because the bianconeri are ahead in direct clashes.

In short, Sarri has many reasons to smile as he is about to win the first championship of his career.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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