Juventus, is made for Romero: 20 million euros to Genoa plus bonus. It arrives in July

Juventus, è fatta per Romero: al Genoa 20 milioni di euro più bonus. Arriva a luglio

Juventus, is made for Romero: 20 million euros to Genoa plus bonus. ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA arrives in July

TURIN – market hit Juventus, the Bianconeri have reached an agreement with Genoa for the transfer of Romero to the Italian champions in office. At Genoa will go twenty million euros plus bonuses. The player will arrive at Juventus next summer, in July. It will end the season with the Genoa shirt.

Juventus, that's who Romero is

He started playing in the role of right-back, then moved to central defender. "El Cuti" is very physical, gritty and skilled in advance; endowed with good times of play and a strong personality, he knows how to be dangerous even with offensive progressions. His weaknesses are the propensity to fouls and poor mental stability throughout the game.

He made his debut in the Argentinian top flight with Belgrano in the 2016-2017 season. On 22nd and 29th September he played as the holder of the double challenge of the South American Cup against the Brazilians of Coritiba, thus making his debut in this competition.

During the summer market of 2018 he moved definitively to the Italian team of Genoa   for 1,700,000 euros and he leaves the 15% that would have been due to the club of Córdoba, his city.   With the arrival of new coach Ivan Jurić, he made his debut with the shirt of the Ligurians in Serie A starting on October 20 against Juventus (1-1). The following week he scored his first goal in Italy in a 2-2 draw against Udinese and was subsequently expelled. In 2017 he took part with the Argentine Under-20 team in the South American category championship. (From Wikipedia).

The Juventus article is made for Romero: 20 million euros for Genoa plus bonus. Coming in July seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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