Juventus, is Guardiola back in fashion? He’s -22 from Liverpool, City could kick him out

Juventus, Guardiola torna di moda? E' a -22 dal Liverpool, City potrebbe cacciarlo

Guardiola could take Sarri's place on the Juventus bench. The City could get rid of him if he fails in the Champions League (photo Ansa)

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – Pep Guardiola has been going through the worst year ever since he was Manchester City coach. His team, which was supposed to defend the title they had won last year, lost to José Mourinho's Tottenham by sinking to less than 22 from Liverpool's first place. In other words, the Scudetto speech is already closed in England.

If Guardiola were to fail in the Champions League, as in previous seasons, his exemption would be practically inevitable. In that case, his name would be back in fashion for Juventus.

Juventus, the Guardiola dream could come true under the following conditions.

With the engagement of Sarri, Juve wanted to change the style of play. Sarri was not Juve's number one choice but in the end he was hired precisely because it was not possible to get to Pep Guardiola, who is the master of offensive football. Next summer, the scenarios could change radically.

The City could fire Guardiola who in that case would become the number one candidate for the Juventus bench. Sarri could only be confirmed with a great Champions League.

The former Chelsea coach was certainly not taken to win the championship or the Italian Cup, since Juve has always been successful in recent years, he was hired for a qualitative leap in Europe.

If this exploit in the Champions League does not arrive, Juve would fire Sarri to launch the assault on Guardiola. For now it is a fanta market but next summer it could become reality if Sarri and Guardiola were to fail in the Champions League with their respective clubs.

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