Juventus-Inter, clashes between Chinese fans after banner: “Stealing is in the DNA of Juve” VIDEO

Juventus Inter scontri tifosi cinesi video youtube

Juventus-Inter, clashes between Chinese after the banner exposed by the Nerazzurri fans (from YouTube)

NANCHINO – Tense nerves in Nanjing before the International Champions Cup cartel match between Juventus and Inter. The game was played a few steps from the headquarters of Suning so the Nerazzurri fans were in majority compared to the Bianconeri. We are talking about Chinese fans but their behavior is the same as that of the Italians.

The two supporters are hated after the events in Calciopoli. So even if the match was played in China, there was no lack of clashes and excesses between the two supporters. The fuse was triggered by the "home" fans, those of Inter. Strengthened by being more than the Bianconeri, they exhibited a provocative banner with the inscription (obviously in Chinese): "Stealing is in the DNA of Juve".

This banner was not willingly accepted by the Chinese of Juventus who reacted violently. From there began a bottle-throwing between the two supporters that ended only with the entrance to the Nanjing stadium for the kick-off of the International Champions Cup match.

After the change of ownership of Inter, many Chinese have started cheering for the Nerazzurri. Nanjing is their headquarters because of the presence of the giant Suning, which owns the Nerazzurri club in Milan.

But in China, as well as in the rest of Asia, even Juventus, which is the most titled team in our country, has many fans. As a result the clashes between the two supporters, even if we are talking about Chinese fans, were almost inevitable.

Juventus-Inter, tension between the two Chinese supporters: the video from YouTube.

The video from YouTube with the clashes between Juventus and Inter Chinese fans. The clashes began after the banner displayed by Inter's Chinese fans: "Stealing is in the DNA of Juve".

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